The subject was established in 2014, providing an overall scheme of medical humanity education course, teaching methods, and evaluation. Before that, the “Medical Humanity and General Education Cooperation Committee” under the “Department of Medical Science Course Committee” was unit in charge of this. There are 7 full-time teachers, including 3 clinical doctors, are in charge of the overall planning of the course so far. The planning of course structure and the establishment of core competence are completed so far. In the future, the medical humanity course will be deepen, and the goal of combination of 6-year education of medical humanity education in vertical and in lateral will be achieved.

Research Features

The idea of medical humanity education course design:

The medical humanity education course in department of medical science is to continue the morality education and liberal art courses, designed especially for the medical science students. Different from the features of unchanged teacher and different origins of students of general education, medical humanity education emphasizes on the relation of interdisciplinary courses and medical science, including the implementation of humanity and medical science. Medical humanity course continues the teaching objectives of medical science department, such as the aim to cultivate the abilities of “professional equipment” and “interpersonal communication” of the ACGME of medical science students, to set“ cultivation of the knowledge, ability, attitude and sensitivity to the pain of patients of medical science students” as a clear goal, and to consider the three dimensions, including“ core of humanity”, “population, society and multi-culture”, “ communication and social participation” while designing the course. At the same time, different aspects of core ability and related targets are established, as the basis of course design and integration of courses from grade 1 to grade 7. The structure and idea of course design are as follows:


Medical P

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